I'm a cross-disciplinary communication designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. My thing is combining research, strategy, technique, meaning and form into virtual and concrete visual things that make ideas and brands establish a better dialogue with their audiences. I'm constantly seeking to exchange experiences in this realm with clients and creative teams.

Drop me a line ola@rafaeldeazevedo.com.

Undergraduate thesis, titled Image, Word, Medium: investigation of procedures in modern and contemporary graphic design. It consists of a parallel interpretation and analysis of the work of designers El Lissitzky and David Carson, in an attempt to find a structural approximation between the two. Selected for the 9th biennial of the brazillian graphic designers association (ADG Brasil), exhibited at the São Paulo Cultural Center, in Shanghai at the Raffles Design Institute and in Beijing at the Icograda World Design Congress, in 2009.

Issue #10 of M&Guia fashion magazine. The opening spreads of
the fashion editorials are interpretations of concepts
elaborated in that season, in terms of relationships between
typography and image.

Creative Direction: Ricardo van Steen

Brochure of a target audience analysis for six sports comissioned by ESPN. When the analysis is made with each sport individually, a color is assinged to each one of them.

Creative Direction: Ana Starling

Website for FILE Hypersonica and FILE Games, respectively
the music and the gaming chapters of the FILE Electronic
Language International Festival
. A fluid, colorful layout looks at the
squared visual quality of early digital technology.

Creative Direction: Ana Starling

FILE Games printed catalogue, in tone with the project's 8-bit aesthetic.